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What do Alien Trilogy and Die Hard Trilogy have in common?

  • They were both developed by Probe Entertainment
  • They were both published by Fox Interactive
  • They were both released in 1996
  • They were both made for all three of the same consoles (PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC)
  • They are both based on 20th Century Fox franchises
  • They both have the word "Trilogy" at the end of the title

If you never heard of these two games before, your first impression would be that they're the same game in a different coat of paint. Nope! They are way different. I will discuss the differences between the two games.

DHT Edit

DHT is three games in one, based on the first three movies of a movie series. There is a game of the first movie, a third person action game that involves fighting bad guys and rescuing hostages, a game of the second movie that is an fps arcade, and a driving simulator of the third movie in which the player must run over bombs to stop them from exploding.

Alien Trilogy Edit

Alien Trilogy isn't DHT with Xenos like you hoped. It's an alternate timeline after the first Alien movie set to start halfway through Aliens, so it seems like a loose adaptation of Aliens until the prison from Alien3 is slapped onto LV426, and the entire game is an fps, to be precise, a clone of Doom. It has a poor story, but it's still a really good game.

My thoughts on the games Edit

I like both games, they're both really good. They are my top two favorite games of the PlayStation. I can't pick one over the other. I love both games. I'm sure you heard me call Die Hard Trilogy the greatest game ever, so your impression would be that I like that game more, but to tell the truth, I never wanted that game. I wanted Alien Trilogy instead. I wanted it for my 15th birthday but they didn't have it at the video game store so I got DHT instead. But I didn't regret it at all! It is a great game. But later on, I got Alien Trilogy for Christmas; WHAT A REWARDING CHRISTMAS PRESENT THAT WAS! My favorite Alien game. I wanted it for a long time. But all that matters now is that I have two really good games!

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