Alien is a science fiction horror film series from 20th Century Fox. It is one of their most successful franchises. The first movie, Alien, was theatrically released in 1979 and started a great phenomenon! There was then a sequel, Aliens, released in 1986. The first two were well received among critics. Alien3 was released in 1991 and poorly received. (3 was an awesome Alien movie in my opinion!) then a trivial, but enjoyable sequel Alien Resurrection in about 1997.

There were many action figures and graphic novels released, as well as video games. The first most significant Alien game was Alien 3 for the SNES. There was also a first person shooter, Alien Trilogy, based on the first three movies for PlayStation. There was another fps game released in 2000, Alien Resurrection for the PlayStation.

Eventually, this franchise crossed over with Predator, which was unnecessary.

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