Acorn Island is a planned Ice Age fan fiction stop motion series by Mammoth Supremacy 55 set to happen directly before the second film. The story is an adaptation of R.L.S' classic novel Treasure Island.

Delay Edit

Mammoth created the idea for this story in 2016, before he ever started YouTube.

Mammoth intended to recreate his idea for a stop motion series for YouTube, but had to cancel, postpone, and delay it numerous times.

He thought of doing it for December 2018 but had to postpone it once again, then finally set it for Summer 2019.

Development Edit

Mammoth has started making a new adaptation of his idea. Production has began in March 2019 as a five episode series, the last episode being finished lately, plus a trailer was made. The episodes are planned to be released in June 2019.

Plot Edit

Between the events of the first and second Ice Age films (Ice Age and Ice Age 2: The Meltdown) Manny hears the legend of Acorn Island, and gets Sid and Diego to join him on a bold adventure to search for this island. Along the way, they meet the captain of a ship who helps them look for the island. This crew goes on many adventures to find the legendary Acorn Island.

Publication Edit

The episodes will be released in June 2019. A trailer will also be released before the episodes.

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