It is now possible that Mammoth Supremacy 55 will make a movie revolved around a 501st trooper, set in the same universe as the Darth 3PO movie he made.

A Darth 3PO Cinematic Universe, or D3CU, is now confirmed.

It all started when MS55 made a custom blue clone in the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga.

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Mammoth then tested the capabilites of his custom 501st by attacking the CPU counterpart in the mission he was playing.


Possibilities Edit

The 501ST movie may be set before or directly after the events of Rise of Darth 3PO. The plot would follow a single Blue Clone Trooper who encounters enemies that would seem to defeat him instantly, but the 501st soldier would try his best to beat these formidable opponents.

If it is set before Darth 3PO, then it's possible to see the 501st Soldier fighting General Grievous. If set after Darth 3PO we might get an ambitious 501st -vs- Darth 3PO battle!

Confirmed Edit

The 501st movie set shortly before Rise of Darth 3PO is confirmed and in development

Known Plot Edit

As the wars rage on, a battalion of Clone Troopers defends their stash of Perc30, along with help from the Wookiees, against Dooku and Grievous' armies of robots.

The good guys are upgrading their soldiers, and one of their upgrade soldiers, 501, clad in blue, is sent to help the Clones and Wookiees on Kashyyyk as their defense grows weaker.

Designs Edit

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